Founded in 2002, The Experience Group helps your business deliver delight to customers. We are recognized experts in customer experience management, customer research, usability and user-centered product design.

Celeste M. Combs, Founder and Chief Experience Officer

Celeste M. Combs is a seasoned customer experience professional passionate about customer experience. She brings 18 years experience in customer experience management, usability, and user-centered design to provide valuable strategy, research and hands-on collaboration with clients. Celeste has pioneered this emerging best practice as she has contributed to over 60 products, Web sites, services, interactive products and new business ventures.

Celeste previously held position as Vice President, Customer Experience at Infopop Corporation. At Infopop, she was accountable for the full lifecycle of the customer experience. She successfully integrated customers into design and product strategy, launched new corporate websites and products, and built a highly touted customer support organization. Celeste was also a key member of Microsoft's Hardware Design team, where she contributed to nine Microsoft products and earned Business Week's IDEA Design Awards and an IEEE Pioneering Design Award. Since 1997, she has worked with Seattle's top design firms and technology startups. Celeste is highlighted as Seattle24x7.com mover and shaker.

Project Team

Our team is deeply seasoned in user experience, information architecture, creative design, user research and usability, marketing and innovation. We partner with talented individuals that have the specific experience and education to deliver top-notch results and design.

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Do you need help with your customer experience or usability project? Please email us at ux@theexperiencegroup.com or call (206) 779-2344.


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