The Experience Group offers comprehensive user experience design, user research and customer experience consulting. We are seasoned veterans with extensive experience innovating new products, improving design and usability, conducting research and enhancing customer experience. We have helped clients worldwide achieve extraordinary results in online, mobile and software product experience.

Our services include:
Interaction Design
Mobile and Handheld Product Design and Human Factors
User Research and Usability Studies
Online Surveys and User Experience Audits
Customer Experience Strategy

Interaction Design
User-Centered Design: User requirements, user scenarios, navigation models, information architecture, wireframes, prototypes and user interface design and specifications.
Visual Design: Creative strategy, emotion-in-design, and graphic design synergize our interactive design services.
Products: Online applications, e-commerce, social communities, mobile, consumer products and retail environments.

User Research and Usability Studies
User Research: Research identifies customer needs, behaviors and preferences to define requirements and interactive product models .
Usability Studies: Identify usability issues of current, beta or new products and provide recommendations to deliver top-notch usability.
Market Research: Valuable results in customer satisfaction, customer retention, brand experience and new market opportunities provide valuable insights.
Online Surveys: Design, collect and analyze customer feedback using online surveys is convenient and efficient approach way to gathering customer feedback.

Customer Experience Strategy
Customer Experience Roadmap: We analyze and benchmark your current customer experience, identify what's working, what's missing and create a strategy to enhance your customer experience. Whether your customer is an internal team or external customer or partner, our expertise makes an actionable difference.
Advisor: When you need a trusted advisor to assist with any question or strategic approach to improving customer experience.


Our services are highly valued by many clients including technology companies, Internet services, design agencies, startups, consumer product and sales and support service organizations.

Please contact us by phone 206-779-2344 or email: ux@theexperiencegroup.com


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